Houssam Hawwa values the Privacy of his Clients. I do collection some information from my Clients, but it is intended for improving the quality of my Services. The protection, safety, and use of the information provided by my Clients is my responsibility. I do not solicit, sell, trade, reproduce, or transmit any kind of information provided by my Clients on my Website.

This Policy is designed to describe the use of the information provided by my Clients on my Website or via one of the communication methods. By reading this policy, you can build your trust with “Houssam Hawwa”.

Collection of Personal Information

The information collected by “Houssam Hawwa” includes the client’s name, e-mail/ snail mail, phone number, Bank Account Number or credit card number. These are pieces of information that the client provides me while ordering or while saving the information with “Houssam Hawwa”. I may also use the email addresses or snail mail addresses which we receive through our mailing system for comments, queries, etc.

E-mail address
Mailing Address
Phone Number
Bank Account Credit Card Number

The Client voluntarily provides the aforementioned information while he makes a payment for my Services. I use the contact information to keep in touch with the Client regarding their design work or any queries.

I also save browsing records of our Clients, such as the sections they visit the most, the packages they are interested in the most so that I can serve them better next time.

Use of Collected Information

Primarily, I use the collected information to process the orders made by the Clients. I use their e-mail address to send them an order confirmation notification. Additionally, I use the phone number to contact the Client for any queries or notifications.

While not guaranteed, I may also use the Clients’ contact information to notify them of any updates in my Website or Services, or inform them of any new features or packages that I introduce in the future.

Sharing of Collected Information

I avoid and discourage, the use or sharing of any Personal information provided to me by the Client in complete confidence, to any Third-party or another Client.

Security of Collected Information

I secure the information that the Clients provide on my Website through the SSL certificate which encrypts the entire Website and all its contents.

User Accounts and Access to Saved Information

My Clients can access the information that they have saved on my Website by entering their credentials on the sign-in form. Once they log in, they have access to all the information and previous activity that is saved on the Website.

Use of Cookies

My Website uses cookies to save the browsing activities of my Clients. Cookies are identifiers that transfer from the Website into the Clients’ computers via the Web Browser. I use it to help the Client find the information that is saved whenever they come back to the Website.

The Privacy Policy is strictly enforced by “Houssam Hawwa”. I may change, remove, or amend a section in the Privacy Policy without prior notice, and it is the responsibility of the User or Client to review these Policies from time to time to observe any changes and avoid any problems.